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For as far as records go back, chocolate has been used as a drink.

The earliest evidence of cacao use was found from the site of Puerto Escondido in Honduras, from around 1100 BC.

Until the 1500s, Europeans had not even heard of the popular drink from the Central and South America.

It was Spanish friars who introduced it to Europe more broadly.

The first recorded shipment to Europe for commercial purposes was in 1585, from Veracruz to Sevilla.
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By the second half of the seventeenth century, chocolate was introduced into England.

Some believe that the Englishman Joseph Fry made the first eating chocolate in 1847,  followed by the Cadbury brothers in 1849.

After the industrial revolution cooled down, companies began mass production of chocolate. 

With mass production, people began to experience and consume chocolate worldwide as we know it today.